As we strive  to help those around the globe come to know Jesus and develop a relationship with him, we partner with and support missions with the same vision that can function as an extension of ourselves to share the good news with others and help our friends in all nations come to know Jesus. 

"And he said to them, Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation." - Mark 16: 15

City of Children - Mexico

Within the North Oaks congregation we embrace we other as "Family". In this family we come together and fellowship with one another as we continually build each other up while strengthening our relationships with each other. 


We are providing support to Harry Hamilton, who is our missionary in Santiago, Chile. Harry travels extensively through out the 2700 mile long country to help establish and encourage the Lord's church. This involves personal evangelism, training to develop leadership for churches and discipleship to produce loving, spiritual congregations.

Manuelito Navajo Children's Home

Manuelito Navajo Children's Home is located to the west of Gallup, New Mexico. For over 50 years, MNCH has been providing care to children and families in need, particularly to the children of the Navajo Nation. They provide a place of safety, stability, and spirituality to Navajo children from Kindergarten to the 12th grade. Their goal is to help raise these children to be adults who are hard-working, responsible, filled with potential, who celebrate our Lord Jesus with faith and good works.